Seven East African Nations Sign IGAD Agreement on Free Movement of People

East Africa’s Intergovernmental Authority on Development IGAD signed an agreement on the free movement of people Wednesday, as representatives from the eight African countries gathered in the Sudanese capital. In a press conference…

US Trade with Africa in Decline, But Aid Remains Stable

Africa accounts for less than 2% of total US merchandise exports and imports. The overall value of US exports to the continent fell from $32.9bn in 2011 to $26.7bn in 2021, while imports declined from $93bn in 2011 to $37.6bn in 2021, according…

In Niamey, African leaders Vow on Industrialization, Trade

  African leaders meeting in Niger's capital Niamey have called for a doubling of efforts to promote industrialization in Africa. The leaders including Nigeria's Muhammadu Buhari, Rwanda's Paul Kagame and Zimbabwe's Emmerson Mnangagwa…
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Africa’s Growing Crypto Market Needs Better Regulations

  The collapse of the world’s third largest crypto exchange FTX, and subsequent plunge in the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major crypto assets, is prompting renewed calls for greater consumer protection and regulation of…

Africa targets sustainable tourism

The World Travel Market was held from November 7 to 9 in London, to discuss the business advantage of responsible tourism; In the midst of population growth, Africa is facing the need for public transport; The African continent remains…

Impact of Rising Inflation on Workers Across Globe

  Inflation isn't impacting people equally, though, and for those with dependents, the higher prices are pinching families at home and abroad. Migrant workers and people who send money to relatives abroad are often saving less because…

Africa Must Use its Gas Reserves to Drive the Economy, Industry Officials Say

Africa countries need to use their gas reserves to lift more people out of poverty and build industry as they try to catch up with more developed countries even while the world seeks to cut emissions, some industry officials said on Tuesday. Africa…

Boom in agrifood-technology start-ups in Africa

  Agricultural transformation is underway in Africa and attracting more and more investors; Nigeria is no longer the continent's largest oil producer; developing and promoting the cultural sector as an economic driver. The agrifood…