Developing Africa’s Premier Business-Driven Public-Private Partnership Network.

Serving You

The Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PACCI) is at the forefront of promoting and facilitating business growth across the African continent. As the principal voice and advocate for the private sector, PACCI is dedicated to enhancing business competitiveness and stimulating economic integration.

Why Join?

As a PACCI member, you gain entry to an unrivaled suite of resources specifically crafted to propel your business objectives across Africa. Our robust support network is engineered to help you master the intricacies of cross-continental trade and investment, ensuring your enterprise flourishes.


Comprehensive Support Services:

Enjoy direct access to a suite of support services, including trade advisory, business verification, and compliance assistance, ensuring your operations are smooth and barrier-free across Africa.

Capacity Building Opportunities:

Access dedicated workshops, training sessions, and seminars tailored to enhance your organizational capacity and skill set in areas critical to modern business success, such as digital transformation and sustainable practices.

Trade Missions:

Participate in country and sector-specific trade missions organized by PACCI, providing opportunities to meet senior government officials and local business leaders to explore new business opportunities.

Exclusive Research Resources:

Gain access to exclusive policy briefs and insightful white papers detailing emerging trends and forecasts that impact the African market landscape.


Premier Networking Opportunities:

Build meaningful relationships with a diverse network of business leaders, policymakers, and industry experts through exclusive, members-only events designed to foster strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Collaborative Initiatives:

Engage in collaborative projects that leverage collective expertise and resources within the PACCI community to address shared challenges and unlock new opportunities.

Enhanced Business Visibility:

Strengthen your business’s market presence and cultivate long-term relationships through prominent listings in PACCI’s directories and featured articles in newsletters, alongside opportunities for high-profile exposure at PACCI events.

Business Networking Events:

Benefit from business-to-business meetings at PACCI events, connecting with companies ready to invest and expand operations across Africa.


Strategic Policy Influence:

Leverage PACCI’s robust advocacy efforts to shape business-friendly policies, increasing your awareness of and influence over economic integration initiatives across the continent.

Solutions-focused Forums:

Join forums convened by PACCI that bring together business leaders and experts to discuss pressing issues affecting the continent and develop actionable solutions.

Regular Communications:

Stay informed with the latest developments in trade and investment through PACCI’s newsletters and electronic communications, keeping you updated on opportunities and trends across Africa.

Market Intelligence and Analysis:

Receive in-depth analysis and advisories on critical business issues, market trends, and policy developments that inform and shape your strategic decisions.