US Checkmates China in Africa by Bolstering Trade Ties

In order to counter China in Africa, which has made inroads with investments and trade, the US sought to expand its influence by bolstering trade ties in the continent, writes Arianna Skibell in Politico. Biden administration is planning…

Togolese Traders Welcome End of Quarantine for Travelers to China

In Togo, news of China reopening its borders to the world is has been welcomed by local traders. China will scrap its COVID quarantine for overseas arrivals measure starting January 8, 2023 after three years of tight restrictions. In…
CNBC Africa

Zambia on Track for Debt Restructuring Next Quarter-Finance Minister

Zambia is pushing hard to complete the restructuring of nearly $15 billion of external debt in the first quarter of 2023 and is “in active engagement” with its largest bilateral creditor China, Zambia’s finance minister said in an interview…