Siemens Named 2022 World’s Corporate Startup Stars


A total of 100 companies from all over the world have been named winners in the 2022 Corporate Startup Stars awards: 50 as Corporate Startup Stars and 50 companies named Open Innovation Challengers – with Siemens securing the top position.

For the 7th year running, the world’s most active corporates working with startups and worldwide best practices in corporate-startup collaboration have been recognized and identified at the prestigious annual Corporate Startup Stars awards, jointly organized by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and Mind the Bridge.

Siemens was named the overall best in class of the 2022 edition, among a cohort of 100 selected companies. Held today in London, the official Award Ceremony was opened by ICC President Maria Fernanda Garza and closed with a high-level panel about open innovation and startup-corporate collaboration organized by Economist Impact.

Developed through the Corporate Startup Stars initiative, the ‘Gold Standards for the World’s Companies to Incorporate Open Innovation and Corporate Startup Collaboration’ position paper was also launched during the event.

Conceived as a live document, to be continually updated based on trends and learning emerging from the annual Corporate Startup Stars awards, the paper sets out a set of criteria which corporations should follow in integrating Open Innovation into their organizations by working with Startups and ultimately Scaleups.

Published On: ICC

Publication Date: 06/12/22

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