The PACCI Annual Report Highlights the Organization’s Commitment to African Business Growth and Advocacy

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The Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PACCI) held its Annual Meeting to review the organization’s successes, difficulties, and position in the fast-changing economic landscape, which was a crucial step toward molding the future of African trade. The event’s main attraction was the election of the Executive Council and President for the 2023-2026 period. The meeting saw the active involvement of 54 respected members from around the continent, each representing their own national chambers of commerce.

Kebour Ghenna, a former President of the Addis Ababa and Ethiopia Chambers of Commerce, is at the leadership of PACCI’s strategic objectives. Under his watchful eye, PACCI has deliberately created an important corporate persona centered on economics, trade, and investment. As PACCI’s devoted efforts acquire traction, the organization is emerging as a key actor, significantly contributing to Africa’s economic renaissance.

Discussions on the AfCFTA took center stage during the Annual Meeting, highlighting the business community’s common sentiment. PACCI leaders issued a warning, expressing worry over the slow pace of AfCFTA implementation. As the continent’s leading business advocacy organization, PACCI made its position clear: companies want substantial results, particularly when it comes to the free movement of people inside Africa.

With the election of the new Executive Council members and President for the forthcoming three-year term, the event also represented a watershed point in PACCI’s growth. While the identities of the new council members have yet to be revealed, all indicators point to a harmonic mix of English and French-speaking countries. A key milestone will be reached when women take their respective seats on the Council, indicating a substantial step toward gender inclusiveness within PACCI’s leadership.

In conclusion, the PACCI Annual Report and Executive Council elections for the 2023-2026 period demonstrate the organization’s steadfast commitment to Africa’s economic progress. As PACCI continues to guide the continent toward deeper economic integration, its thundering push for demonstrable outcomes within the AfCFTA framework serves as a rallying cry for African companies.
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