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Top 5 economies in Sub-Saharan Africa to watch out for in 2023, according to IMF

Just when Africa’s economy appeared to be recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, a range of internal and external shocks struck such as adverse weather conditions, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine – all of which worsened already rapidly…
African Business

Africa in 2023: Can the Continent Outrun Global Headwinds?

Some of Africa’s major economies will suffer from the ongoing impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war and food price inflation, but experts say that Senegal and Kenya offer cause for optimism. With Africa facing the impacts of the Russia-Ukraine…
Business Daily

Kenyan Exporters Earn Billions in Exchange Gains in Q3

Kenyan exporters have booked billions of shillings in exchange gains from a weaker shilling as the Central Bank of Kenya’s decision to let the exchange rate act as a shock absorber began to pay off. Compared to the third quarter of…

Togolese Traders Welcome End of Quarantine for Travelers to China

In Togo, news of China reopening its borders to the world is has been welcomed by local traders. China will scrap its COVID quarantine for overseas arrivals measure starting January 8, 2023 after three years of tight restrictions. In…

Madagascar: Slow Revival of Tourism Post Covid-19

With the reopening of borders in April 2022, after two years of isolation from the rest of the world, tourism in Madagascar is slowly but surely regaining momentum. Despite an undeniable attraction for Madagascar as a destination, renowned…

Economic Impact of the COVID-19 on Africa

Source: uneca.org For the detailed documentation (PDF) The Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) on Friday warned the unfolding coronavirus crisis could seriously dent Africa’s already stagnant growth with oil exporting nations…