Statute of the Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PACCI)

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Statute of the Pan African Chamber of
Commerce and Industry (PACCI)

We, the Chambers of Commerce, and Industry across African States:
Dedicate ourselves to creating a conducive environment for the economic and social advancement
of Africa, addressing the challenges posed by globalization, embracing the transition toward
market economies, and dismantling trade and investment barriers that hinder progress on the
African continent.

1. As part of a collaborative endeavor, we aim to leverage the abundant economic opportunities
inherent in various countries across the continent. We particularly seek to harness the potential
of natural resources in sectors such as agriculture, raw materials, energy, and tourism.

2. Reflecting upon the commitments made in 1983 regarding the establishment of a Federation
of African Chambers of Commerce and Industry, we recognize the importance of rallying all
chambers and other business associations representing commerce, industry, agriculture, and
professions to actively participate in the initiatives and endeavors of this collective entity.

3. Recognize the critical role that chambers of commerce play in driving the private sector’s role
in catalyzing holistic and sustainable development across Africa. We underscore the
significance of specialized organizations in advancing this objective.

4. Affirm the significance of the recommendations outlined in the Lagos Plan of Action and
subsequent resolutions adopted by the African Union summit, as well as the guiding principles
of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) initiative.

5. Acknowledge the pivotal role of chambers and similar business organizations in fostering
social and economic growth based on self-reliance, promoting open trade between African
chambers. We reaffirm our commitment to the establishment of the Pan African Chamber of
Commerce and Industry (PACCI), extending membership to all national and regional
chambers and other business organizations encompassing commerce, industry, agriculture, and
professions. Membership in PACCI is also open to other organizations pursuing similar

6. Recognize the potential inherent in our diverse human resources, encompassing nearly one
billion individuals with a wide range of experiences and expertise.

7. Encourage international and African initiatives that align with the prerequisites for
development in African markets, providing support to less developed nations.
8. Advocate for stability and peace within African countries, understanding that ongoing
conflicts hinder both economic and social progress.

9. Building upon the Alexandria Declaration formulated during the Federations of African
Chambers of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture conference held in Alexandria, Egypt, from
6 to 9 December 2004, we resolve to reaffirm our commitment to establishing the Pan African
Chamber of Commerce and Industry, welcoming the participation of all National and Regional
Chambers, as well as other organizations engaged in similar activities, as deemed appropriate
by each African nation.

We are resolute in our belief that the most effective means of achieving these objectives is through
the establishment of the Pan African Chambers of Commerce and Industry (PACCI).

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