Request for Tender for Project Management and Supervision for a Development Project in Ethiopia


Addis Dallas Industries PLC (ADI) has floated a tender for project management and supervision for a development project. The project location is Ethiopia, and the tender is closing on 15 Sep 2021. The tender notice number is DVP001, while the TOT Ref Number is TOT002. Bidders can have further information about the tender and can request the complete tender document by Contacting the email listed below.


Procurement Summary

Country: Ethiopia

Title: Request for Tender for Project Management and Supervision for a Development Project in Ethiopia

Deadline: 15 Sep 2021


Purchaser’s Detail 

Purchaser: Addis Dallas Industries PLC. 

Attn: Meskerem Belachew (Owner), Oromia Regional State Arsi Zone, Awash, Melkasa City

Email :


Other Information 


Document Ref. No.: YYYYY 

Competition: ICB 

Financier : Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)


Tender Details 

Tenders are invited for Project Management and Supervision for a Development Project.


Summary: Under a partnership development project between GIZ and Addis Dallas Industries PLC in Ethiopia, a highly qualified management consultant company is needed who will be responsible for the smooth implementation of the project activities. The incumbent expert company will also maintain communication with the partner companies and the donor from the German government in this project. 


Company background: 

Addis Dallas Industries PLC is a privately owned company established in 2013 by Wzo Meskerem Belachew Belihu who is also the major shareholder of the company. It is a biscuit and flour factory, located in Awash Melkassa, Dodota wereda, Arsi Zone, Oromia. ADI produces and sells various types of biscuits and processed flour to end consumers. It produces biscuits in 8 flavors (Uta Mango, Uta Vanilla, Uta Cracker, Uta Cinnamon, Tady Chocolate, Tady Orange, Tady Strawberry, and AD marie). The existing production line of ADI has the capacity to produce 3000 cartons per day, each carton containing 60 packets.  These products are widely popular in the local market. Currently, ADI is exporting its products to Somalia and Djibouti with the target to enter the European market. In order to meet the growing demand, ADI intends to continuously increase its capacity in the long term and potentially serve the international market, as well. Hence, through this project, it aims to implement international standards to ensure the acceptability and maximum safety of their products all around the world.


Planned Development Project’s Background: 

The food processing sector of Ethiopia employs nearly 1 million people which accounts for around 2% of the total economically active population of this country. This industry has huge potential for further development in both the local and international markets. But this growth is being hindered by inadequate food safety measures and an unskilled workforce. Only around 20% of local food manufacturers including Addis Dallas Industries PLC implement national food safety standards in their production due to a lack of proper awareness, guidance, and maintenance. This led to a great number of food poisoning, adulteration, and other foodborne diseases for consumers. Also, the unskilled manpower and lack of proper knowledge regarding food processing, storage, hygiene, and safety measures are slowing down the growth of the industry. To address these challenges, Addis Dallas Industries PLC will implement international food safety, quality, and testing standards at its factory and laboratory as well as build a dual education structure for the skill development of low and mid-managers, and workers.


Project partner background: 

The above-mentioned project is being implemented with the cooperation with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH or GIZ, a German development agency. It also works with the private sector and other national and international government organizations on a public benefit basis. In its activities, GIZ seeks to follow the paradigm of sustainable development, which aims at economic development through social inclusion and environmental protection. GIZ offers consulting and capacity-building services in a wide range of areas, including management consulting, rural development, sustainable infrastructure, security and peacebuilding, social development, governance and democracy, environment and climate change, and economic development and employment. 


Key Project Responsibilities: 

  1. Supervise on establishing dual education structure for the skill development program
  2. Manage and communicate with the engaged experts and trainers to supervise the training sessions for 840 unskilled jobseekers on industry-based skill development by educational experts on 6 job profiles. Each batch will have a duration of 3 months. 
  3. Manage the training session for 84 personnel on food safety and quality standards as per FSSC 22000 as well as laboratory facilities as per ISO 17025 by compliance experts. 
  4. Communicating with compliance experts to implement both FSSC 22000 and ISO 17025 at the factory within 2 years of the project duration. 
  5. Overall project supervision. 
  6. Communication with project partners, problem-solving, and ensuring project progress. 
  7. Assistance in communication and coordination with the GIZ. 
  8. Assistance in the handling of queries of the GIZ regarding the application documents. 
  9. Assistance in preparation of project reports. 
  10. Assistance in cost controlling and call for funds for the relevant activities. 


Tender Evaluation: 

  1. At least 10 years of experience in project management (please attach the proof of experience) 
  2. At least completed 10 sustainable projects in last 5 years (please attach the details of completed projects) 
  3. Experience in biscuit and flour factories/ food processing industries is a plus (please attach the details of proof of experience/ details completed projects) 
  4. Experience in working in African sustainable projects is a plus (please attach the details of completed projects if any) 
  5. Working experience with either GIZ or DEG will be considered a huge advantage (please attach the details of completed projects if any) 


Request for Quotation: 

  1. Please attach a formal quotation with the tender with the detailed cost. 
  2. Please attach how your experience and expertise will bring positivity, efficiency, and productivity to the above-mentioned project activities.


The Terms and Conditions and detailed ToR can be found in: link