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Program Focus

Depending of Market Integration (Advancing the Continental Free Trade Area)

PACCI will support actions to:

  • Improve overall regulatory, legislative and policy environment for business growth, trade and investment, consistent with international best practices and standards, and promote public-private sector partnerships.
  • Streamline customs procedures and other border clearance facilities and vehicle control systems
  • Develop, in association with members and partners new initiatives aimed at positioning the region positively as a place to invest.
  • Develop, in association with members and partners new initiatives aimed at increasing regional integration and trade competitiveness.
  • Develop ongoing relationships with national business editors and journalists and have regular stream of stories that position Africa.
  • Lobby relevant regional and national organizations and authorities in the support of fair trade, common standards, regional integration, trade competitiveness.

Advancing Corporate Responsibility and Transparency

PACCI will support actions to:

  • Will assist firms to come together to leverage corporate investment for the benefit of Community-Driven Development programs
  • Will explore options for engagement with communities or examine the possibilities of cross-sectoral partnerships by involving a spectrum of stakeholders including development agencies, civil society organizations and the public sector
  • Will explore broader support than just financial support, and encompass technical and managerial expertise, skill transfers and jobs access to markets and business linkages.
  • Will encourage and promote firms to commit to public accountability and respect for customer.

Promoting Initiatives Advancing the 'Green' Economy

PACCI will support actions to:

  • Increase the number of firms making sound policy, technology, and investment choices that lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and potential co-benefits, with a focus on clean and renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and energy conservation
  • Increase the number of business leaders with commitment to working towards a balanced and inclusive ‘Green’ Economy and tackle climate change impact.

Strengthening and Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

PACCI will support actions to:

  • Encourage large numbers of women into self employment
  • Support entrepreneurship training, business advisory services, business linkages aimed at enabling start ups and existing businesses to increase productivity and be more be competitive
  • Will inform us more about women entrepreneurs’ business practices, survival and growth strategies to maximize women entrepreneurial potential
  • Improve the capacity of business development services to deliver services to women entrepreneurs.

The Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 2009 by 35 founding national business chambers to influence government policy and create a better operating environment for business.

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