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The E15 at the World Economic Forum Regional Summit in Africa 2016

11 May 2016
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Intra-African trade currently stands at 12 percent of total trade, compared to 60 percent for Europe and 30 percent for ASEAN (WTO statistics).


Enhancing intra-African trade – such as through a large continent-wide trade deal – and deepening market integration can contribute significantly to sustainable economic growth, employment generation, poverty reduction, inflow of foreign direct investment, industrial development, and better integration of the continent into the global economy. On top of advancement through WTO, Africa needs advancement of its regional integration and its rules, with the rest of the world remaining open towards Africa. On 11-13 May, recommendations put forth by the E15 will be featured at the World Economic Forum Regional Summit on Africa in Kigali, Rwanda. The World Economic Forum will organise a session on “African Integration: Reshaping Trade and Investment Value Chains,” building on various policy options generated under the E15Initiative, in particular those produced by the E15 Expert Group on Global Value Chains, E15 Expert Group on Regional Trade Agreements and Plurilateral Approaches, and the E15 Task Force on Investment Policy. This event is private and attendance is by invitation only. There will also be a public session, “Realizing Africa as One Market,” organised by the World Economic Forum in partnership with CCTV, which will explore how African leaders can develop sustainable long-term partnerships and trade relations within the African Union, with reference to the E15 policy options. Read More



     The Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in collaboration with the African Union Commission, UNECA/African Trade Policy Center and Ghana National Chamber of Commerce presents


    The 2017 African Prosperity Conference is back for its Third year, due to popular business and industry demand! The Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in collaboration with the African Union Commission, UNECA/African Trade Policy Center and Ghana National Chamber of Commerce, will host the 2017 African Prosperity Conference in Accra, Ghana from 12-13 of September 2017. The conference will be attended by about 150 economic operators including exporters, importers, investors and trade support institutions along with governments with in African and beyond. The conference will be the first organized on CFTA from the private sector perspective. With the support of the UNECA/ATPC, this conference aims to raise the awareness of business leaders and operators from across the region about the CFTA, to apprise them about the on-going negotiation on CFTA and to further strengthen the engagement of the private sector to accelerate the implementation of the agreement once negotiated. 


    This offer has expired!





  • International Workshop on Counterfeit Medicines

    International Workshop on Counterfeit Medicines

    The International workshop theme is Fighting the Illicit Trafficking of Fraudulent Medicines in Africa.

    The workshop will explore the possibility of joining hands with the AU Commission in organizing the meeting and inviting representatives of the major pharmaceutical companies, governments, medical and scientific professionals, law enforcement agencies, non-governmental organizations, and private investigators to discuss the growing problem that threatens patients and the pharmaceutical industry.




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