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The great lake investment climate improvement workshop was started today at the UNECA Addis Ababa

28 October 2015

The workshop was set off to discuss issues and challenges related to the prevailing regulatory and investment climate in the region,

share lessons learned from past and ongoing attempts at improving the business climate, propose recommendations both in terms of measures as well as processes at national and regional levels, aimed at unlocking the investment potential of the region and to enhance investors’ uptake of the bankable projects. Attending participants discussed on how to improve the business environment and how to overcome the obstacles facing the great lakes region. Currently the region is fertile and ready for business, in fact some business leaders like Mr. Admassu Tadesse CEO of PTA bank pointed out that “the region is rich” and that it is ready for investment not only in agro-electrical fields but other business areas in addition, other business leaders stated that in countries such as Rwanda starting a business takes only two days. This is an open invitation for interested investors, what matters now as the conference moves on, is how we as Africans take this to the next level of business and use this as a key agent to the development of the region and eventually the whole of Africa.

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